Kitchen Design Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

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A kitchen can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Your kitchen design should not only maximize functionality for cooking but also convey your personality and style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or remodeling an older one, there are some common kitchen design mistakes that should be avoided to ensure that your kitchen looks great and works well in your home. Keep in mind these six mistakes when designing your kitchen:

1. Avoid the “cookie-cutter” kitchen

If your kitchen design is too similar to another, you run the risk of it feeling too generic and boring. The same goes for windows. If you love open windows and light, don’t cover them with doors!

2. Too much counter space

Although counter space is necessary for preparing food, it can be overwhelming when it comes to displaying equipment and decorative items. Instead of making the most space possible, try to place all items at eye level so you can see everything at once. As a rule of thumb, counters shouldn't take up more than 40% of the available work surface area.

3. Too many doors

Doors help maximize storage and provide easy access to the backyard or patio — great features for summer entertaining — but too many doors can block view lines and make navigating small spaces tricky. Consider having just two or three drawers instead of eight or more if you're limited on storage space.

4. Lacking a focal point

A focal point is a focal point because it draws the eye in towards it to investigate what lies within its vicinity. A focal point does not have to be a thing but can simply be a place, such as a mirror or shelf that helps draw the eye around the room or into a certain space. If you don’t have something that draws the eye in from outside your space, it will never get used for its intended purpose because no one will ever know what it looks like inside. In other words, if you don’t want people to pass by your kitchen without seeing what lies inside then you need to consider putting something that draws the eye in at the doorway or window of your space.

5. Poor lighting

Most people don’t realize how important lighting is when decorating their homes but cooking and baking requires extremely good quality lighting otherwise you can ruin anything you are trying to cook or bake with. Quoting an article on Better Homes & Gardens: “If there isn't adequate natural light in your kitchen, there's no way you'll use it." Natural sunlight is essential when cooking with food that requires heating up or hot surfaces such as grilling, roasting, and baking so make sure there's plenty of natural light coming through your windows for maximum effect when decorating your kitchen.

6. Lack of storage

Having enough storage for all of your cooking utensils is essential when trying to create any kind of meal so.

The kitchen is the heart of your home and has a lot of important uses. It’s where you prepare food and entertain parties and family. It’s where you eat together as a family, have intimate dinners together or just have a nice relaxed snack. Here are five tips for designing your kitchen:

1. Getting started

Start with your cabinets. How will they be used? Will there be a lot of open space in the center of the cabinetry, for example? If not, look at larger units that can enclose open spaces. These will give you more options when it comes to styling and storage, depending on how you use them.

2.Choose the right colors

When it comes to color in the home, consider small nuances when choosing shades that work well with one another across the room. For example, when matching wall colors with wood tones, you can always opt for warm browns for stovetops and appliances; warm reds for dishes; or warm yellows for countertops.

3. Choose the right wood

Wood is a natural material that changes with time. It's important to know what type of wood will suit your kitchen best in terms of style and durability. Choose oak or mahogany, if you want a traditional but warm appearance; choose maple or birch if you want something more modern; or choose walnut or cherry if you want something elegant and modern.

4. Choose the right hardware

Hardware is also an important choice to make when looking at what will go into your new kitchen. Consider whether it’s durable enough for daily use or whether you would want stainless steel instead. Also think about whether you need knobs or handles on things like drawers and cupboard doors, as these can add an extra touch of character to your kitchen’s décor.

5. Choose Your Flooring Wisely

If you need a large amount of storage space under your sink or under your cabinets, then do not go for laminate wood flooring as it will only take up more space than what is needed due to its thinness. Instead consider using ceramic or stone tile flooring which is sturdy and resistant to wear and tear over time. In case you want an open floor plan in your kitchen opt for concrete slabs or marble slabs so that all of the cabinets fit easily underneath them without creating wasted space on the surface areas where they sit on top of hardwood or solid surfaces such as granite or marble tiles instead of laminate wood floors which are more expensive but less expensive than those extra tiles that would be required if the island countertop was not made with those extra tiles that would.

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