9 Tips to Improve Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most important places in our homes. It’s where we spend at least half an hour a day to clean and refresh ourselves after a long day at work.
Our health depends on it, so it’s no wonder that bathrooms have been evolving over the last decades in order to go beyond the basics of – basin, shower, toilet, and bathtub, but also one of the most neglected. The quality of the bathroom is not only assessed from the functional point of view but also from a formal and aesthetic point of view. Good design can do more than simply decorate. A beautiful bathroom is a place of wellness and relaxation, a haven of peace for mind and body. Have you ever heard that phrase “Bathroom smells impact buying decisions”? There is a lot of truth to it. Before you grab that can of deodorizer try these tips to improve your bathroom.

1- Flooring
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Floors in bathrooms can be made of ceramic, granite, and even marble pieces of stone. They are attractive but at the same time they are a pain to clean as they get dirtied very often, so make sure to make the right decision about flooring.

2- The Mirror
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A bathroom mirror can be a critical addition to any bathroom remodeling project. A mirror adds visual space and creates the illusion of a larger room. If you are planning to add mirrors in your bathroom, you should first know some things about various kinds of mirrors, installation requirements, and how to maintain them.

3- Accessories
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Bathroom accessories are a great way to add character and personality to your bathroom with the right accessories. With a wide selection, the Internet offers a lot of bathroom accessories to choose from, but you should be careful since they are not all suited for every bathroom. Therefore, having an idea of what your bathroom needs is a good starting point in choosing your bathroom accessories. 

4- The Basin
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The basin may be the most expensive item in your bathroom so you want to choose the right one. It can be quite daunting, choosing the right basin for your bathroom, especially if you have very specific requirements. What’s really important to remember is that the choice of your basin sets the tone for the overall personality of your bathroom.

5- The Toilet
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The toilet has been in the house of any family since time immemorial. It is said that it began its life by the year 1487, shortly before even the printing press was invented, so not very long ago, and it is also associated with the development of plumbing. The invention of the modern toilet was a huge leap forward from all previous toilets.
When it comes to toilets we have more choices today than ever before. With such a variety you would think that picking a toilet would be a no-brainer, but it’s not. The options can leave you scratching your head and wondering, “Which toilet is right for me?” And in some instances even knowing what to look for is a challenge.

6- Storage space
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In addition to being a source of water for hygiene purposes, bathroom storage has become an important consideration for most people. In fact, storage in the bathroom is typically classified into three categories: overhead storage, stackable, and freestanding space.

7- Lighting schemes
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Lighting is extremely important because it enhances your bathroom. A well-lit bathroom seems to be more spacious and even wider than it actually looks like. A good lighting scheme will make your bathroom feel like a relaxing place, which is very important if you're planning to use the room for calming purposes. The most significant element in the bathroom that requires optimum quality of lighting is shower area and henceforth, make sure that you place some serious focus on the light fixture above the shower. Place a good light fixture at least eight to ten feet away from the shower head. It lights up the bathroom and makes it look larger as well as spacious.

8- Pick the right vanity
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Vanity cabinets are a vital feature of any bathroom. It’s the place where we keep various items like a toothbrush, makeup, hair dryer, and other stuff. So it’s crucial to pick the right vanity to make your bathroom look beautiful.

9 - The Tapware
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The best shiny and awesome experienced in the bathroom is always been a great tap, making the bathroom cleaner and more visually pleasant for passerby. A great bathtub shape will not only make the bathroom attractive but also brings a lot of comforts. 

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