10 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

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The bedroom is the heart of the house. It is the place where we sleep and rest our heads. So, a color that is a little bit different from the other rooms in your house makes a huge difference to the ambiance.

There are several things you should consider when choosing the perfect paint color for your bedroom. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision.

What color should I choose?

Most people will agree that white is not a good option for bedrooms because it can make it feel cold, stark, and impersonal. But if you prefer something lighter, you should also avoid colors that have a pinkish tone or a lot of yellow tones. These colors may look nice or even romantic, but they can remind you of your childhood and give your room a childish appearance. So it's best to choose a warm neutral color such as off-white, cream, or even beige. These colors will help create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom and make it look more inviting and cheerful. You can't go wrong with this option!

How should I choose the right shade of paint?

In order to get the exact shade of paint from your hardware store, you may want to ask for assistance from someone who specializes in interior design and paints. Ask them about possible combinations and what would be the best choice for your room. Don't forget that there are several shades of white available in home stores nowadays; these shades may give your room a subtle chalkboard effect which may work well in combination with any other colors in your room such as browns and greens (but not pure green). Be careful when selecting colors like black, dark brown, or gray - they might make your room feel cold and gloomy if used too much or too much at once! You might want to use black instead on dark furniture at night when lights are turned off. Here are some of our favorite paint colors for the bedroom.

1- RED

Red is one of the most popular paint colors for bedrooms because it complements the warm tones in wood furniture.

The red paint color for the bedroom makes a room appear brighter, especially when it contrasts with the dark-colored walls. It also looks great on red and brown furniture and can go well with light and dark bedding combinations.


When choosing orange paint color for a bedroom, you need to take into consideration the rest of your d├ęcor, in order to avoid choosing an orange which will be too bright in your space. Start by choosing the appropriate size of furniture in relation with the space you have. The most important thing that you must be careful when buying orange paint color for the bedroom is that you do not buy only because it looks good on the picture but also because it fits in your space. After all it will be up to us to choose between two options for the same thing, so beware!


The color yellow is an excellent choice for bedrooms. Yellow is a cool tone that can make the room look more spacious and open up the eye line of the bed. Yellow paint is also subtle enough to work with other interior design elements like wood furniture and white, neutral accents.

The warm yellow tone of the color yellow makes it ideal for bedrooms, but it works well in any room where you want to draw attention to one focal point. Yellow paint looks especially good in rooms with lots of windows, like living rooms or family rooms, because it brings out the natural light coming in, while still being neutral enough to compliment any other colors in the space.

If you're looking for a yellow paint color for your bedroom that works well with other interior design elements, try a shade of eggshell or sienna. Both are muted shades of yellow that work well as transitional colors from one room to another. If you choose a cream yellow, be sure to remember that the color tends to appear warmer when it's applied over white or light-colored walls, so let the wall underneath show through. 


Green paint color for the bedroom is one of the most common paint colors used in the interior design of the home. Green paint color is often chosen by home owners because it provides comfort to the room. It is also smart because it can be combined with any of the other interior design ideas to create a new look for your interior.

Green paint color can be used in your interior design if you want to give your room a refreshing look. If you are planning to paint your bedroom, choosing green paint color for the bedroom will be an easy task. This paint color is totally different from pink, brown, and blue colors that are used in the interior design of your bedroom.

This paint color can be chosen by anyone who wants to change his or her room in a very short period of time. There are many ways to use green paint color for the bedroom and create a refreshing look in your home. The first thing that you need to decide is where you want to place this green paint color in your room. If you want something different from other rooms in the house, consider changing the door frames, and doors as well as other furniture in the room. To make it more interesting, add bright accessories such as vases or plants on the floor or wall surfaces.

If you want something simple but still fresh, choose green paint color for a bedroom by yourself or with help from a specialist. Choose a wall that needs some extra attention since it will be seen more often than any other wall in the room and decorate it with bright accessories including plants or vases. You can also use bright walls that match this green paint color for the bedroom and then add accessories that will bring out the best from them such as plants or vases.


Different light colors affect how our brain works. For example, the color blue makes us feel happy and relaxed because it gives off a warm soothing glow that is calming. You can see this in your favorite beach or pool resorts during the summer months. Blue paint color for a bedroom is also beneficial for people suffering from depression because it boosts an individual’s mood and produces positive effects on sleep patterns.

Blue paint color for a bedroom is believed to promote peace, tranquility, vitality, and productivity. It can also create calmness in people suffering from anxiety or stress. The soothing effect of blue paint color for the bedroom has been proven to be effective especially for those suffering from insomnia resulting from stress-related lifestyle factors such as noise pollution, work pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

The calming effect of blue paint color for a bedroom is also perfect for those who are suffering from colds or flu because it encourages blood circulation which helps quickly getting rid of these cold or flu viruses.


Purple paint color for the bedroom, Bringing colors into your bedroom can be a great way to change the mood of your room. Purple paint color can bring energy and peace if well selected. While purple is such a strong color it often implies royalty and wealth.

Purple is one of those colors that will make you feel calm and energized. As we age we start to lose some of our youthful enthusiasm and we need to replace it with something else. When you go back to school and college and learn new things, you become more mature and lose all the youthful excitement and joy in life. The best way to maintain this interest is by adding some color into your bedroom that will help you focus on being joyful in your life.

Purple paint color for the bedroom has been known as a good room paint color since ancient times, because it brings out a sense of nobility or royal feeling into a room that can change the mood of the room from being dull to being vibrant. 


Gray is a great neutral color for any bedroom. Not only does gray paint look neat and clean, but it also complements most other colors in the room. Besides painting your walls gray, you can also go for white furniture and accessories

Gray is a popular color for bedrooms, as it looks both modern and stylish. But despite its clean appearance, gray paint doesn't always come out the same shade on all surfaces. This is why you should always test a small area of wall first to ensure that your gray paint color looks good and blend-able with the rest of the room before applying the whole wall.


There are lots of good reasons to choose brown paint color for the bedroom, but if you want to paint your bedroom in a different color than the rest of the house, then you should consider this idea.

The first thing that you should do is to ask yourself if you really need to paint the entire room. There are some rooms where it's not really necessary to change the color of the walls. If you have a small room, painting it in a different color from the others will just make your room look smaller and more closed. You don't need to paint all of your walls in a particular color either. There are many shades of brown paint color for a bedroom that can be applied on lighter walls and still look great.

You can also get a new look by introducing some decorative elements into your room. Decorative features such as curtains or rugs can be used to help blend the colors of different rooms together. This way you can add warmth and comfort to your entire space by changing only one wall color at a time.


Black paint color for a bedroom is a gorgeous and very stylish room. When you wish to design something that is chic and classy, then black paint color for the bedroom would be perfect for you. The color of the wall will always give the impression that you want to create a calm atmosphere. It would be great if the whole room was black paint color for a bedroom because it would bring a cool feel to your home. Black paint color for a bedroom is a dark gray, which is a really popular choice in interior designing. I think this one can make your living room look more elegant and luxurious. There are some other colors that can be applied into your interior design such as light green, cream, gray, or white. You can also add some beautiful design elements which could accentuate the entire space. This is because it gives the feeling of warmth and comfort in your home. 


Ivory cream paint color for a bedroom is a beautiful color that can never go wrong. It looks very classic and simple, but it gives any room or interior a very elegant look.

Ivory cream is the perfect color to go with any kind of style-interior design, be it modern, traditional, or rustic. The light neutral tone of this color makes it perfect for almost every kind of look.

There are many different shades of ivory that you can choose from depending on your taste. Almost every modern home owner has got some sort of furniture that is made out of ivory, although not all of them use this color in their interiors. When deciding on the shade you should use for your interior design, keep in mind that ivory looks best when used as a background for other colors and as an accent.


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